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Meet Wedding Toastmaster – Mark Greatbatch

In this episode of Meet The Wedding Suppliers we chat with Mark Greatbatch, a Wedding toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies, as we discuss the role of the Toastmaster and why they could be the key organisational element for your wedding. Mark and I start by discussing the role of the Toastmaster and why, of all the suppliers a couple may book for their wedding day, the toastmaster should be the most visible. We discuss the importance of people skills and charisma and how older guests are drawn towards the toastmaster’s uniform.  Mark tells us how the toastmaster is the supplier that make everything happen, the one who liaises on behalf of the couple between the caterers, venues and other suppliers. It is the toastmaster who interacts with guests making sure everyone is the right place at the right time and providing assistance when called upon. Mark also outlines the importance of separating the daytime and evening events and how having a gap after the speeches before the first dance is import to set the right tone for the evening events. And there is a great section of this episode where Mark outlines his workflow before introducing the couple before their evening entertainment and how this creates an electric atmosphere for a couple and their guests.

Wedding Planning Tips

And to help those who are wedding planning, Mark has some fantastic Top Tips. You do not want to miss these tips from one of the very best Toastmasters in the business.  Check out more of our Guest’s Top Tips for planning a Wedding Follow Mark Greatbatch via Follow my Wedding Videography at

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