Meet The Wedding Suppliers Tracy Morter

Meet Wedding Photographer Tracy Morter

In this episode of Meet The Wedding Suppliers we chat with a photographer who is always the last to leave the dance floor. Tracy Morter is a brilliant photographer who lives to capture the moves and the shapes on the dance floor. Tracy tells us how her history of photographing music festivals have helped her capture all the important evening moments and how being a Wedding Photographer is a brilliant way to people watch. 

One wedding I have stayed past the Bride and Groom leaving! The people the book me tend to love music and have planned a lot of entertainment

We also go into detail about Tracy’s past including how she moved from a degree in Astrophysics to taking pictures at live gigs and her role in the Music Industry, including how she masterminded getting Rage Against The Machine to Number 1 at Christmas in 2009. Tracy goes on to tell us how she’s often mistaken for family on the Wedding day due to her fitting in so well on the day.  If you’re looking for a photographer who blends into the day – Tracy Morter is your photographer!

The first Wedding Tracy and I ever worked at was John and Peter’s London Civil Partnership. Her images during this wedding really give an example of her amazing work once the music starts in the evening – view the images here 

If you photograph people in colour, you see their clothes but if you photograph in black and white you see their souls. I had to investigate this…..
Meet the Wedding Supplies - Tracy Morter

Wedding Planning Tips from Tracy Morter

And to help those who are wedding planning , Tracy Morter has 3 fantastic Top Tips. You do not want to miss these tips from one of the very best wedding photographers in the business.

Do not worry – this is not a test. If you’ve invited the right people to your wedding you shouldn’t worry about anyone judging you!

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And that app we talked about that tracks the path of the sun in the sky – PhotoPills 

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