Suppliers always have the best wedding planning tips – here are our 5 Wedding Planning Tips No One Else Will Tell You!

1 – The day goes quickly – ENJOY IT

By now, when others have given you some wedding planning tips, you’ve probably heard this thousand times. But your wedding day really will pass in the blink of an eye. So how to you make sure it’s meaningful and not a hazy blur?

You need to try and enjoy every single moment. Appreciate every person who has turned up and every little piece of planning that has gone perfectly. You’ve probably spent ages working up to this day, take some time to take it all in when you can.

As award winning photographer Scott Johnson said when he joined the podcast recently – 

Have fun, live the wedding and enjoy it.  Every now and then take 5 minutes. The day will go so quickly and if you don’t make that time for yourself it will be gone before you know it.

Usually on a wedding day I go off with the couple and photographer to get some shots, traditionally after the food and speeches. This is the perfect time to have a moment together. It may be the first time you’ve had a chance to speak with each other all day! Use this time – take a step back during the wedding and have a look around at everyone and everything. This day is all for you both – enjoy it!

Meet The Wedding Suppliers - Wedding Planning Tips

2 – You don’t have to spend an age with each guest – a quick hello will do

Wedding guests are an integral part of the big day. Each and every guest on your list had their own special part to play in your relationship and your life so far and your guest list will be a who’s who of the most important people in your life and your partner’s. A great way to say thank you to your wedding guests is spending time with guests during the reception. But don’t feel that you have to engage in lengthily conversation with each guest. Most are just after a quick hello, a kiss and a photo with you and understand that you may have many other people to say hello to. Don’t feel bad about moving on to speak to other people. Now go and work the room with ease!

Meet The Wedding Suppliers - Wedding Planning Tips

3 – Give your photographer and videographer TIME!

This is one of the most important wedding planning tips and is something that I care very much about. As a videographer it’s important for me to get ‘some’ time with the couple of the wedding day. Taking time out to get some solo photos and video is an important part of the day and you should make sure you’ve allocated enough time in the schedule for this. Most professional photographers and videographers should be skilled enough to read the situation and if you’re not in the moment to leave your guests then they can move the timings around with ease. But if you’re ready then this is a great time to get some space together and go for some quiet time. This will give you a little breather from the hustle and bustle and you can have a few minutes to yourselves, realising “we are married!!!”. 

These photos and video are important – they will love forever for you both so it’s a good idea to listen to your photographer and take direction. The quicker the photos are done the quicker you can get back to your guests.

Meet The Wedding Suppliers - Wedding Planning Tips

4 – Don’t worry about the weather

Some Wedding Planning Tips allow you to take greater control over an element of the day, or delegate a job out.  But, the weather is literally the only thing on the day that you can’t control. It is out of your hands. Plan for every eventuality and if the weather is bad – just go with it, don’t let it ruin your day. I know how the planning of summer wedding can be built around the weather but don’t look back on the day with any regret about the weather. I speak from a privileged position – it rained on my wife and I’s wedding day and just went with it. Now, I hardly think about the weather at all – it’s a footnote to what was a brilliant day.

As well as this – trust your venue and suppliers. They will know what to do and will have everything in hand!

Meet The Wedding Suppliers - Wedding Planning Tips

5 – Don’t sweat the little things – what is the day really about?

The most important moment of the day is the actual getting married part. Please don’t lose sight of this. Everything else, although important in their own little ways, are built around this moment. Enjoy it. Look forward to it. It’s a brilliant moment, one you’ve waited your entire life for.

As Houchins Wedding Venue director Adam Dixon Smith told me in our podcast – 

You only get married once and it’s got to be personable to you. 

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